Google Analytics Basics: finding the most visited pages

What are the most visited pages and articles on your blog? If a big question mark now appears above your head or your sentence begins with “I believe …”, then you’re right here.

Why do I need to know what the most visited pages are?

Simple question, simple answer: so you can improve your blog!

If you know which pages are most visited on your blog, you can better optimize them!

At first glance, the numbers may just tell you which pages have how many page views . If you look a little closer you can read a lot more from it! But first of all the basics: in the short video I’ll explain how to find the most visited pages of your blog with Google Analytics.

Implement findings: popular articles

In the overview, you can see which articles are viewed most frequently. In a further step, you can analyze these articles for similarities: do they all belong to the same blog category? Are they all very personal contributions? Or is the commonality of blog articles, that there are, for example, recipes that are quickly finished?

Most Visited Pages

If you’ve identified common features of the most visited pages, you’ll be able to add popular posts to your editorial calendar more often in the future, so you’ll automatically blog about what interests your readers! That said, Google Analytics helps you better target your blogs to your target audience!

Google Analytics helps you better target your blogs to your target audience!

Implement findings: popular pages

In addition to the popular blog articles you will also see in the list, which pages are often viewed. I would guess that the About page is right up there. You should use these pages to implement Call to Actions. Here are two examples:

  • At the end of your About page, create a form to SIGN UP for your newsletter!
  • Add your blog readers to the most popular blog posts at the end of a well-visited page, so they stay on your blog longer!

These are just two examples, there is of course much more possible!

Now it’s your turn: what was the most visited page on your blog last month? Leave a comment with a link, so that we can look past;)

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