Email Management Tips for Busy Bloggers

Is your mailbox constantly flooded with co-operation requests, newsletters and press releases? There are many nice sites on the blogging, but on the countless e-mails that arrive every day, unfortunately totally uninteresting and thus annoying time robbers are, I could well do without. Now that’s over, I’ll show you a few ways in which your email management can become Klax in no time!

Maybe you’re thinking, “Hm, that’s nice. With me every few weeks a request comes in … “. Very good! Then you can start using my tips step by step right now. Then you do not even get into the situation that you no longer look through it because of emails;)

E-Mail Management for Busy Blogger: this is how your mailbox never gets over again!

1. Ready-made answers

The problem:

If you’re blogging for a bit longer, you’ll find that, in principle, the same emails always arrive. In the best case, these are interesting co-operation requests, in the worst case uninteresting link exchange queries. Anyway, it always comes down to writing almost the same answer back – and that’s time consuming!

Email Management for Busy Blogger: collect standard answers and save time!

The solution:

Save texts that you send more than once in a central location. This can be for example a Word document, a Google Doc or an Evernote note. If a similar question arises in the future, you can simply copy the answer text and paste it into the e-mail! (If you’re a Gmail user look at this tutorial for Canned Responses )

You are not sure what you should have texts for? Here are a few suggestions:

  • Link Exchange Inquiries:
    Link exchange requests from SEO agencies are uninteresting to many bloggers, but they are constantly piling up. A sentence that you are not interested is usually enough.
  • Mediakit Inquiries:
    Before a cooperation, companies usually ask for your media kit. If you prepare an e-mail for it, you can answer as soon as possible!
  • Cancellations for co-operation inquiries:
    You are not yet at the point where you want to cooperate with companies? Then formulate a text in which you point out that they can write to you at a later date.
  • Request for Guest Article:
    You receive requests for guest articles from private bloggers and companies? If you do not accept guest articles, then formulate a rejection. Do you accept them gladly, then write some information, which requirements you have for guest articles!
  • Inquiry Banner
    Advertising : Businesses Want to Advertise on Your Blog? If you are not interested, then prepare a text or write your available banner sizes and prices together so you have them handy!

I’m sure you already have some ideas in mind or you’ll soon realize what you need a ready-made answer 😉

2. Fixed e-mail routine

The problem:

Maybe it has happened to you before, that you have seen an e-mail and thought that you would rather answer that later? And then you just forgot? Answering emails between doors, for example, if you quickly check your emails in the subway just before boarding, will easily make you overread, misprints or even forget.

Email Management for Busy Blogger: Develop a fixed routine to answer e-mails!

The solution:

Make sure you spend a few minutes each day answering e-mails, for example once in the morning and once in the evening! Answer e-mails that you read on the go and can answer quickly, immediately mark the others as unread and then take care of it when you have time!

Incidentally, I often close my e-mail client on the computer, for example when I have to concentrate. For example, if I am writing a new blog post and would only pay half the attention to e-mails and blogging!

3. Autoresponders

The problem:

You run your blog mainly as a hobby and have no time or desire to constantly check your emails. Since it can happen that you do not even look in for a week and are asked several times?

Email Management for Busy Blogger: Use Out of Office News to Your Advantage!

The solution:

Blogger Relations agencies often do not think they are doing their job full-time and that blogging is just a hobby. If there is no answer after a few days you will be asked, after a few more days then again and you are both frustrated. So that does not happen put an autoresponder or, in other words, an “out of office” message in which you declare that you can not check e-mails as often and when you will probably report (eg after the weekend if you always have your Saturday Answer e-mails).

Even if you usually read your e-mails regularly: do not forget to post an Out of Office message when you are taking a break from your blog or holiday!

4. End the Newsletter Chaos!

The problem:

Unfortunately, as a blogger, you often receive unsolicited e-mail newsletters – in addition to the newsletters that interest you! And maybe the e-mail tide will annoy you as well, but somehow you will not be able to click on the unsubscribe link – because there could be something interesting, or because you do that “later”?

The solution:

For Gmail users, there is a service called Unroll Me , which avoids your inbox being spammed. It lists all the subscribed newsletters and you can choose which newsletters you would like to continue to receive “normally” and which should be summarized in a weekly or daily overview in a single e-mail. Pretty handy!

E-Mail Management for Busy Blogger: set up an e-mail address only for newsletters!

In addition, I have my own e-mail address, which I only use for newsletter registrations. Then “normal” e-mails and newsletters do not mix and my mailbox remains nicely organized and clear!

Leave a comment and tell me: How much time do you use to reply to emails? Do you have strategies on how to make the whole process more efficient?

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