Are you using the right social media networks for your blog?

Imagine you do not use 5 but only 1 (or 2) social media networks and reach more readers with less effort.

Impossible? Not at all – if you decide on the right social media networks! In this article, you’ll find a free worksheet that will help you decide on the right social media networks for your blog!

REACHING more people with fewer social media networks – this is how it works:

The crowd does it – not.

How many Social Media Networks can you enumerate? 5 or 6 pieces? Even if you do not believe it, there is more. Much more. Some are better known, but most (at least for us) rather less. Of course, you can use them all, but the odds that you’ll only have a little time left for everyone and you’re not getting anywhere is pretty big. Better you just focus on a network and get the most out of it!

Social Media

Well, with so much choice, one can ask oneself: do I actually use the right social media networks for my blog in order to reach as many readers as possible? And on how many Social Media Networks do I have to be involved? Questions about questions that make your head smoke quickly. Do not worry, I’ll help you find the right social media networks for your blog!

Are you using the right social media networks to reach as many readers as possible?

What is the right social media network for my blog?

The “right” social network depends on a whole range of factors. It is impossible to say flatly that fashion bloggers prefer to use Facebook and food bloggers better Pinterest. The choice depends not only on what the social network can do, but also on what you can do well and like and what you want to achieve with the SM channels at all!

1. What do you want to achieve with the help of social networks?

All who know me and have ever done a blog coaching with me know how important goals are. They are the foundation of any strategy without which you should not even start. And that also applies if you choose social media networks! Perhaps you are primarily thinking of reaching readers. But there are many more possibilities that can be achieved with other social media networks:

  • Generate traffic:
    Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, StumbleUpon, Reddit, SlideShare
  • SEO Optimization:
    Google+, YouTube, StumbleUpon and LinkedIn
  • Strengthen Brand:
    Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, LinkedIn
  • Build Community:
    Facebook, Instagram, Google+

2. With which networks do you reach your target group?

“How that will I find out now?”
Yes, you’re right, but there is a very simple trick works especially well when have you been blogging little longer: Set on experience! This is also important because you should not turn off a social media network that already works well and to which your readers have become accustomed.

So you should ask yourself

  1. On which social media networks do the users interact with me? 
    (Like, Comment, …)
  2. Which social media networks is driving traffic to your blog? 
    You can do this either through Google Analytics or with the help of WordPress plugins like Social Metrics .

3. On which social media networks do you feel comfortable and which not?

You may be convinced that Twitter is perfect for your blog. You can not stand the short message service somehow. Far too fast-paced, and who actually comes with 140 characters? Then there is only one way: stay away from Twitter!

Social networking is about building relationships and networking with other people. So, if you just do your duty, post quickly, and then be happy when you can log out again, then an important part is gone: building a relationship with your readers or customers.

Take your choice so the social media networks in the shortlist, which you like and in the best case, privately used. Then you spend enough time networking with your readers and other bloggers. But you can delete all social media networks, with which you can not;)

4. What do your blog posts look like?

Of course, last but not least, it’s not just about your goals and your readers, but also about your content. Posting lyrics with little pictures on Pinterest makes little sense, just like a 15-minute recipe video on Instagram.
The choice of your social media channels depends (also) on your content!

To simplify the question, let’s divide the content types into these three categories:

  1. texts
  2. videos
  3. images

Presumably, your blog posts consist of a mix of different categories (and that’s a good thing!). But there are definitely trends in one direction!

These 3 content types can be assigned to these social media platforms:

  • Text:
    Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, reddit
  • Video:
    Youtube, Vimeo, Vine, Facebook
  • Pictures:
    Pinterest, Instagram, Tumblr, (Facebook, Twitter)
  • Which social media networks do you use for your blog? Leave a comment and tell us!

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