9 reasons why you need to have an editorial calendar

You can not imagine a life without it in magazines, newspapers and on television. He provides new topics, exciting content and that the organization does not get out of hand. Of course, it’s about the editorial calendar!

Even blogs are becoming more and more professional and are often comparable to an online magazine. But nevertheless the editorial calendar has not found favor with all bloggers. Often, the benefits are even overlooked and only the disadvantages considered (which arise when planning is wrong): too much pressure, too little freedom.

There are so many more benefits that can take your blog to a whole new level! I wrote them down here for you.

Blogging with an editorial calendar has a number of advantages:

Benefits & Reasons for an Editorial Calendar

  1. idea management

    In the introduction I mentioned it briefly: An editorial calendar helps you to manage your ideas. This does not (just) mean that it can help you find new topics: by being able to plan ahead, you can also pre-produce in productive phases, balancing unproductive days (keyword: blogger’s block)!

  2. consistency

    Time and again one reads that consistency is one of the success concepts for Blogger. And when you think about it, it’s very clear why: we humans are habitual animals. We have the same breakfast every day, turn on our TV program every day and wait for the day of the week when our favorite magazine finally appears. And that’s the same with blogs: if I know that every Tuesday and Thursday a new blog article appears on my favorite blog, then I’m looking forward to it. But blogging on a regular basis is not easy for any blogger – an editorial calendar helps you plan!

  3. More quality

    Probably the biggest advantage of an editorial calendar is that it allows you to plan (far) in advance. This means that you do not have to write your articles at the last minute, but you can plan in advance. This increases the quality, because you can schedule longer review times, take more time for photos, …

  4. time savings

    One of my favorite effects of an editorial calendar is also related to planning ahead: “batch working”. This means that you can merge several tasks from different blog articles. For example, the image editing of all blog articles the next week at once and save time!

  5. Features Part 1

    Many bloggers include features or columns in their blog. This can be, for example, a monthly collection post of your favorite blog article. In the editorial calendar, you can register these features well in advance and so you do not get into the situation during stressful times that you forget.

  6. Features Part 2

    And there’s another advantage in terms of features when you use an editorial calendar: if you plan ahead, you may find that you have a bunch of similar ideas that you can turn into a feature or regular column. Or maybe even a theme week?

  7. cooperation

    There are times when cooperations are particularly well-suited: at Christmas, for example, Advent calendars sprout up regularly with plenty of opportunities for cooperation. Sure, that you would like to participate everywhere. However, it is important to find a good level of cooperation and blog articles – after all, you can not split in three! The editorial calendar helps you to keep track of when you still have capacity. Oh, and it helps you keep schedules, because you can write deadlines in it 😉

  8. topics distribution

    Even if you write a niche blog, you post your blog articles on various topics or categories. The editorial calendar helps you to record all categories equally frequently. Then neither you nor your readers will be bored!

  9. Seasonal blogging

    And again we are planning ahead on the subject: for many bloggers, it is important to orient themselves on holidays and festivals. With the help of your editorial calendar, you’ll have an eye on upcoming holidays months in advance and start collecting ideas soon enough!

Do you already use these advantages of an editorial calendar while blogging?

Disadvantages of an editorial calendar

I would not be honest if I did not admit that the editorial calendar also has a few drawbacks. However, I think that it depends on the optimal planning, then these are as good as negligible …

  • Effort
    Just as blogging does not work on its own, so does the editorial calendar not by itself. Especially in the first time, it takes a while to find your system . But once you’ve got the hang of it, you’ll save time again because last minute blog idea search sessions will fail! 😉
  • Flexibility
    If you have a fixed order for your blog articles, it can sometimes be difficult to throw everything over and quickly rearrange it. The solution: add placeholders for spontaneous topics and keep backup blog articles ready, should you not come up with anything spontaneously!
  • Opinion change
    If you plan far in advance, you may not find an idea so sparkling. Take the liberty to delete these topics or replace them with backup blog articles!
  • Wrong System
    If you’re not planning properly, you may be putting too much pressure on your readers, planning on pasting … These and other bugs (including suggested solutions, of course) .

Leave a comment and tell me if you use an editorial calendar or not! Oh, and what advantages or disadvantages are crucial for you, of course I am also interested 🙂

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