5 tools that will finally make you smart with Google Analytics

They are among the most popular and at the same time unpopular things by us bloggers: statistics. Sure, we love to know how many visitors have been on our blog today, where the visitors are coming from and what we can do better. Would not be an obstacle: Google Analytics.

Google Analytics allows you to extract just about all the information you need to optimize your blog. It has so many advantages: it is widely used, easy to install and free! But it also has a huge drawback: it is really extensive and therefore quite confusing.

Finally get smart from Google Analytics – these tools make it possible!

If there was just someone who would take us from navigating through menus and submenus and the data would be halfway understandable … The good news: so outlandish that is not. There are lots of apps that make our lives easier!

Quill Engage

Imagine that you are the CEO of a huge company, you have no idea about numbers, and you have a co-worker who’s just there to put the numbers from Google Analytics into words. And so that even your 90-year-old grandfather would understand what’s going on. Sounds like a dream? Then welcome your new employee: Quill Engage !

In the free version, you can choose whether you will receive a weekly or monthly report via e-mail. The report shows you:

  • Change of sessions, pageviews and average time on the page
  • Overview of the most popular blog articles
  • Traffic sources (ie from which pages your readers come)
  • Visitor overview (from which countries do your readers come, on which devices do they read your blog, …)

Google Analytics Tools for Bloggers: Quill Engage TELLS YOUR STATSfor You


If you prefer statistics in numbers rather than words, then Dailytics is the tool for you. Reports are sent on a daily, weekly or monthly basis, according to your preferences. You can also customize your report with different widgets.

Every day get the most important statistics via e-mail? Dailytics makes it possible!

Need 2 know

Here, too, with Need 2 Know  , the most important data is filtered out and listed. Personally, I find it a bit confusing than the two previous tools, but that’s a matter of taste. You get an overview of popular pages, countries from which your readers come, etc. In other words, everything you need for a quick overview!

Google Analytics Tools for Bloggers: Capture everything at a glance with Need 2 Know


SumAll is a bit different from the previous ones. Because it not only shows you your blog stats: you can also connect all your social media channels with it. Once you’ve done that, you can create unique charts and see how your social media channels affect your blog traffic!

The only downside: which articles are particularly well received and where your readers come from, you do not see with this tool.

SumAll provides statistics of your social media channels and blogs at a glance!

Smartphone apps

Audience for the iPhone

Finally, a minimalist iPhone app called Audience , which I prefer to use to get statistics on the Smarphone. All she does is show 5 metrics, nothing more. Thereby I find everything I need to know right away and do not run the risk of burying myself in statistics. You probably know how easy it is to get lost in details 😉

Update: Analytics for Android

A small addendum, because a few of you have asked: Although I do not have an Android device myself, I found in my research but on the app ” analytics for Google Analytics “. It should be kept as simple as Audience for the iPhone. If you try them out, leave a comment and tell me how she liked you!

Oh, and if it is then but a bit more info should be on the smartphone, then there’s of course the official Google Analytics app for both Android as well as for the iPhone!

Do you watch your Google Analytics account regularly? Do you already use apps and tools that make reading statistics easier?

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