10 SOS tips to boost your productivity instantly

You want to increase your productivity – immediately? Because the blog article is finally ready and e-mails should you answer a few more?

Many productivity strategies aim to help you organize your time better over the longer term. But what if you do not have time to implement such strategies and be productive as soon as possible? I have my tricks – and I want to tell you today!


With these SOS tips you can increase your productivity immediately!

1. Get an overview!

“Oh man, I still have to do this today and XYZ wants something from me and again an e-mail comes in. Where should I start, please? “Every now and then I catch myself feeling that everything is growing over my head. I used to switch from one program to another, started to write an e-mail until I remembered that I still have to do this and that. You can imagine that nothing has gone further.

Today I do it this way: I take a piece of paper and a pencil and note what my next tasks are, which I still have to do today. Then I number them in the order in which I will work them out. And when I’m done, I’ll knock them out.

That sounds easy? It is! Writing down tasks gives me the assurance that I can not forget anything. And numbering helps me avoid multitasking (why that’s good, I’ll tell you in Tip 8). The result: without me effectively doing something, I could increase my productivity immediately or at least lay the groundwork for me to be able to continue working in a relaxed manner.

2. Remove the word “multitasking” from your vocabulary!

Even if it sounds like a perfect concept to do several things at once: it does not work! Instead of doing two things at the same time, your brain is constantly switching back and forth between two tasks. That does not make you more efficient, but lowers your efficiency by 40%.

Incidentally, learning multitasking does not work either. Studies show that multitasking is even detrimental to our productivity and that we find it difficult to organize our  thoughts and hide irrelevant information. And worse, the more often we multitask, the slower we get to get things done.

Therefore, rather work one task after another!

Stay away from multitasking if you want to be productive! These 10 SOS tips really help:

3. Take a break!

The classic. You try so hard to be focused, but at some point you just drift away with your thoughts? I do not only know the problem from studying for an exam while studying or at school. This also happens to me every now and then, when I would actually have to focus on the work. What do I do then? Take a break!

Not only does this increase my productivity, because I can concentrate better afterwards, but it also increases my creativity and when I sit down at the desk, I often have new ideas.

4. Get new motivation!

Have you ever wondered why you are unproductive? For me this is either so when I’m overwhelmed (see point 1) or when I’m unmotivated. Then “owezahn” is on the program, as we say so beautifully in Austria. Freely translated means: postpone, do nothing, laze around, do work too slowly. You know that, right?

Unproductive because unmotivated? A success journal works wonders in this case!

So, what to do if your motivation is missing? Clearly: get new ones. I like to do that by looking at what I have already achieved and what success I’ve been celebrating lately. Every now and then I dig out my success diary, in which I have noted all this. And all of a sudden the desire to do something comes back – so that I can write something in my diary soon 😉

5. Open the window or go for a walk!

As long as we do not fight with acute respiratory distress, we often forget how important fresh air is for us. But only through this regular supply of fresh air, the brain gets enough oxygen to work at full speed. So if you’re doing a great job (okay, if you’re doing anything at all) or you want to increase your productivity, then open the window and take a few breaths. Or you combine the fresh air snap with a break and take a little walk!

6. Drink a glass of water!

Our body consists of about 70% water, our brain even 80%. So it’s only logical that we need enough fluid to maintain our performance. So make sure you always have a full glass of water near you while you work. So you can not forget that while working.

Funfact: your brain is 80% water. Do you regularly take care of replenishment? #ProductivityTip

7. Close your e-mail program (and anything else that can distract you)!

Our brain is programmed to respond to the slightest distraction. This is – like so much – evolutionary conditioned: It used to be incredibly important to respond to the smallest noise. So as not to be eaten by wild animals while sitting in front of the campfire. Unfortunately, this “feature” of our brain has been preserved to this day: every e-mail notification rips us out of focus. So if you have to work and are already unproductive anyway, close all other programs, maybe even disable your W-Lan and put your phone in airplane mode!

If possible, then, to work, even retire to a quiet place where you will not be disturbed. Or ask your family to give up on you for an hour or two, so you can concentrate fully.

8. Put on sleep – not on coffee!

Coffee contains a lot of caffeine and is therefore a great awake – but only for a short time. All caffeine in the world does not replace healthy sleep, because only it is sustainable. Without it you are more distracted and can concentrate worse.

I know, I’ve promised you tips that you can implement now. That’s why I suggest you try Power Napping. You do not have to sleep properly, it is enough if you sit down for 20 minutes to make your eyes and just relax.

Oh well, power napping or not – make sure in everyday life that you get at least 7 hours of sleep daily and it’s best to go to bed at the same time!

9. Whistle for perfectionism!

There is this great saying: “Done is better than perfect”. Maybe there is a little perfectionist in you and you can not agree with that? It took a bit of me to accept that, too. But the more often you “practice” finishing something, before every last detail is perfect, the easier it gets.

If you are unproductive because you are still working on the same task as you did 2 hours ago, then: listen. now. on.

Let’s be honest: you could work on it for hours and it will not be perfect. The hours you waste on pointless trifles (which you probably will not notice anybody besides you anyway) can be used for the next task!

Perfection and productivity are not always compatible. Therefore: Done is better than perfect 😉

10. DO an awkward task

I kept this tip until the end, because I do not like to hear it myself. But he is so effective! Often I’m really unproductive because I want to shirk a task that I should eventually do someday. And with every task that I start, the thought of the task in my head buzzes around and I just can not get on with it. The only solution? Finish this task now. Immediately.

I honestly can not explain why work is so much easier afterwards. But try it out for yourself and tell me if that works so well for you 🙂

What are your tips to be productive when it matters?


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