Month: May 2018

Email Management Tips for Busy Bloggers

Is your mailbox constantly flooded with co-operation requests, newsletters and press releases? There are many nice sites on the blogging, but on the countless e-mails that arrive every day, unfortunately totally uninteresting and thus annoying time robbers are, I could well do without. Now that’s over, I’ll show you a few ways in which your email management

Mini Blog Booster # 2: Newsletter Basics for Bloggers

The second Mini Blog Booster is here. This time with a topic that I’m just more busy and that you should also take a closer look at: Newsletter! That’s right, the topic is quite extensive, but let’s start with Blogger’s Newsletter Basics: why do you need a newsletter? How often should you send it? What should be inside? And

What is Karma Yoga?

As we stretch, bend and twist in the yoga studios, we seldom think that the path to yoga is much more than we can learn through asanas and meditation. Karma yoga, selfless action, for example, is one of the four yoga paths that promise bliss and satisfaction. However, karma is such an inflationary (and often misused) term

How do I find the right yoga mat?

Are you also looking for a yoga mator would you like to give a mat to a yogi at the last minute? But does not know which yoga mats are good, what a yoga mat should and how much money you should spend for it? I was also recently looking for a yoga mat and grabbed