Month: April 2018

How to write better texts for your blog in 5 steps

With all the tips I give you again and again, perhaps one thing is a bit on the track: tips on how to write better lyrics. That’s not because I think that’s unimportant. But on the contrary! I even find that the buzzword “blogging voice” or “writing voice”, which was very popular a few years ago, is

10 SOS tips to boost your productivity instantly

You want to increase your productivity – immediately? Because the blog article is finally ready and e-mails should you answer a few more? Many productivity strategies aim to help you organize your time better over the longer term. But what if you do not have time to implement such strategies and be productive as soon as possible? I

How To: Customize & burn images for your blog

The selection of images for your blog The essence of good pictures for your blog is that they match your brand, reflect your brand and are distinctive. Having a consistent look helps readers know your blog’s images even when they see it “outside” your blog, such as Pinterest. Personalizing is essential when using images for your