Month: April 2018

Yoga at home: 7 tips for your own practice

For years I tried to integrate yoga into my daily morning routine. At first quite unsuccessful. Vague tips like “practice regularly!” Or “The most important thing for progress is practicing yoga at home!” Did not help either. That’s why I’ve tried different things over time and meanwhile the domestic dates with my yoga mat are increasing. If you


If you are looking for the meaning of life, you are looking for yourself. It is a yearning for truth. Often what we experience in life today is not fulfilling. Even if we have a roof over our heads and friends and family are there for us. The external circumstances may still be so good, the yearning for self-knowledge can

With sled dogs through Lapland

It’s absolutely silent, I just hear the crackle and crackle of the frozen lake below me. I can barely keep my eyes open, the wind in my face is so cold. I steer a dog sled with 5 huskies racing wildly through the surreal landscape bathed in pink evening light. It is our last day in

6 illustrious things I like about Emilia-Romagna

“Emilia-Romagna? Where is that?  The region around Bologna is not familiar to most of us – you know Tuscany, South Tyrol, Umbria, Lombardy and perhaps Piedmont (Mon Cherie, anyone?). Emilia-Romagna is not only home to seaside resorts such as Rimini on the Adriatic coast, famous car brands and the Formula 1 strongholds in Imola and Maranello, but